ICIDS 2022


COVID-19 Policy

Masks are not required but recommended. 

Hotels and Lodging

Hotel Paradox

Please consider this option first, as we pre-reserved a number of rooms in order to get this price.

Special Rates: Saturday – Wednesday (USD 159/night)

Booking Instructions: We have a special link for reservations. 

Book your group rate for ICIDS

This is a very competitive rate for a hotel or Airbnb in Santa Cruz. If you search, you may find that much lesser nice places cost similarly or are just a little cheaper. We strongly recommend booking this option. There are a limited number of rooms being held, so book early!


You need to email or call Ellie Ruiz to get the discount for Saturday night. The online form works for booking the “regular” conference nights of Sunday, Dec. 4 – Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Ellie’s contact information is below:

(831) 425-7100

Airport Information

There are two airports that attendees could fly into, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO). SJC is closer to Santa Cruz. 

Attendees can get from either airport to Santa Cruz via:

  • Public transportation (a bit complicated, but cheap). We recommend using Google Maps to plan your route.
  • Rental car
  • Ridesharing service (Uber/Lyft)

Transportation within Santa Cruz

Most things in Santa Cruz are within walking distance. The beach is a 10-minute walk from downtown. We recommend buying a Santa Cruz Metro pass for transportation between downtown and the UC Santa Cruz campus. More info about bus service in Santa Cruz will be forthcoming.

Venue: UCSC Engineering 2

All presentations will occur at Engineering 2, Room 180 at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Room 180 is located on the exterior lower level of Engineering 2. Please see the arrow.

A map of campus, highlighting Engineering 2 and the closest parking, can be found here

Engineering 2
1156 High St
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Directions to Engineering 2

Attendees have a few options for getting to Engineering 2. Due to the on-going University of California system-wide strike, transportation details are subject to change. Please join the ICIDS2022 Discord Channel for updates and information. During the weekdays, both the main and western entrances to campus may be blocked by striking students and employees. For updates on the situation, you can also refer to UCSC NewsCenter.

Option 1: Carpooling

Carpooling is probably the easiest method. Please use the ICIDS2022 Discord server to coordinate carpooling with other attendees. This is a fantastic way to save money and meet other attendees. We ask anyone who has a vehicle to please offer to carpool if you can. You will need to obtain a parking pass from UCSC’s TAPS office to park on campus. The best place to park is the Core West Parking Structure (pictured left/below).  Please use the campus map PDF to get more information on parking.

Obtaining a parking pass

If you choose to carpool, the driver will need to obtain a parking pass for Monday through Friday. There are two (2) ways attendees can get passes:

1. The Kiosk (near the main entrance) — You can stop at the kiosk and obtain a day pass for $10 USD. However, you will need to do this every morning for all three days (Monday through Wednesday, Sunday is FREE)

UCSC Parking Kiosk
936 Coolidge Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

2. TAPS Office — You can go to the TAPS main office and purchase a 3-day pass for $30 USD.

111 Ox Team Rd, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Option 2: Ride-sharing Apps (Uber/Lyft)

Another good option is to take advantage of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. You can coordinate rides with other attendees at the hotel and save money on your rides.

Option 3: Use Public Transportation

This option will take a little more coordination as attendees will have to use the Santa Cruz Metro bus and UC Loop shuttle bus. During the week, the Santa Cruz Metro busses will not travel onto campus due to the strike. Instead, they will stop at the theatre barn, adjacent to the main entrance, and riders will need to depart and walk to the UC Loop bus stop. 

If you choose this option, you will need to obtain a Metro pass or pay the $2 USD fee per ride. You can use Google Maps to find directions to the metro bus stop that is nearest to your accommodations. Below are instructions for navigating onto campus using public transit.

Step 1: Take Santa Cruz Metro to High and Bay Dr.

Take any of the campus Metro bus routes (routes 10, 15, 18, 19, 20) to campus. During the strike, the metro buses will not cross the picket line. So, they will drop you off at High St. and Bay Dr., near the Theatre Barn at the main gate of the campus.  You will need to walk to the next bus stop to use campus transit.

Step 2: Walk from the Metro bus stop to the UC Loop bus stop

Walk to the modified metro pickup location in lot 117 near Cook House. Please refer to the map to the right. Buses arrive on a regular interval. 

Step 3: Board the UC Loop Bus

Board the white bus like the one pictured to the left. This is the UC Loop bus and it is FREE. You will ride this for 8 stops and get off at Science Hill. The TAPS office maintains an updated route map on their twitter. During the strike, this has been the bus loop.

Step 3: Depart at Science Hill

This is the Science Hill bus stop. Depart here and walk to the left of the building behind the stop. Engineering 2 is the large glass building. Room 180 is on the lower level and is accessed from an exterior door. 

Step 3

Walk to the modified metro pickup location in lot 117 near Cook House. Please refer to the map to the right.