ICIDS 2022

Art Exhibition

Hops Ahead:
The Art of Alternate Histories, Presents, and Futures

Call for Work

Curators:Clara Fernández-Vara and Nick Montfort

Jurors: TBA

Deadline: July 31, 2022

Please apply using this form: https://forms.gle/HUPu2dDYWbmTT47c7

About the Exhibition

This juried, in-person exhibit will be presented in a space at the University of California, Santa Cruz — the conference venue for ICIDS — and will be open to the public. A website with documentation of work will be prepared along with the exhibit and remain online indefinitely. After the exhibit, artists will be invited to contribute to a peer-reviewed volume.

Julio Cortázar’s novel Rayuela (in English, Hopscotch) connected a well-known game with the novel in February 1963, inviting readers to encounter the text in more than one order. This book, by an Argentine writer working in Paris, still offers us perspectives on consciousness and perception, raises questions about home and exile, and presents a format for speculating about alternate presents and realities. It was a radical literary experiment (a fully realized interactive narrative in book form) that immediately became a bestseller and remains a classic.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hopscotch and explore the potential of interactive
narrative to envision alternate and future realities, we welcome submissions of digital
artwork on the following THEMES:

  • Alternate histories, presents, and futures
  •  Social connection and disconnection
  • Cultural universals and differences
  • Working across languages
  • Playful words and languages

We welcome artworks in (at least) the following FORMS and FORMATS:

  • Browser-based interactive digital art
  • Electronic literature
  • Parser-based interactive fiction
  •  Narrative-driven games
  • Twine games / “Twines”
  • Visual novels
  • HTML5 narratives / games
  • Bitsy games
  •  Art installations
  •  AR, VR, and XR works

The venue will provide flat panel displays and standard controllers (including
keyboards) for the exhibit. Artists who propose artworks that require additional
equipment and custom installation will need to come to the venue to install their work
or arrange for its installation, and will need to provide any support required for visitor
experience during the exhibit.

We welcome submissions in any language. All submissions will be reviewed by jurors to
the highest standards, with language- and literature-specific expertise enlisted when
necessary. Please note that artworks engaging with interactive narrative do not have to
have any linguistic elements.

Fees for Artists

Accepted artists will not be required to pay registration or membership fees as a condition of having their work presented at Hops Ahead. Although all of ICIDS, including the exhibit, is supported entirely by conference attendees, in recognition of the way that arts enlighten the field of interactive digital narrative, a small honorarium will instead be offered to each artist/collective whose work is exhibited. Please note that anyone wishing to attend and participate in the ICIDS conference itself will still be required to pay the usual registration and membership fees.