ICIDS 2022


International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

ICIDS 2022

December 4 - 7, 2022
University of California Santa Cruz

What is ICIDS?

ICIDS stands for the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling. ICIDS is the premier conference for researchers and practitioners concerned with studying digital, interactive forms of narrative from a variety of perspectives, including theoretical, technological, and applied design lenses. The annual conference is an interdisciplinary gathering that combines technology-focused approaches with humanities-inspired theoretical inquiry, empirical research, and artistic expression. ICIDS 2022 is the 15th edition of the conference and will be presented as a fully hybrid event. ICIDS is the main academic conference of the Association for Research in Digital Interactive Narratives (ARDIN).

ICIDS 2022

Santa Cruz, California

This year, ICIDS will be hosted in-person at the University of California Santa Cruz. For information on traveling to Santa Cruz, please visit: https://www.santacruz.org.


2022 Theme: Speculative Horizons

The theme for the conference this year is Speculative Horizons. We are motivated to consider the future and its relationship to Interactive Digital Storytelling. In our contemporary times, where we are confronting global disasters, from war to pandemics, and where we are challenged by the ever-increasing impacts of climate change and the toll of other human interventions on our worlds and cultures, what can we foresee and foretell about what is next on the horizon? How can interactive digital storytelling be a call to action, a mode for healing and peace, or a method of intimate communication to help us visualize, empathize and consider what might be at stake in our worlds and how we can intervene? We aim to explore the ways that narratives, technologies, systems, cultures, and creators can situate and motivate us, attuning us to a present reality, while looking forward to an unknown and uncertain future that we may, or may not, be able to change. What should we know now to aid us in the journey forward?


We encourage authors to consider possible connections to this theme, and we will foreground contributions that focus on the topic. But we also emphasize that there is no requirement that papers or workshops reflect the theme, either implicitly or explicitly – it is meant only as inspiration and is not intended to impose a constraint on other possible contributions and topics relevant to the field of Interactive Digital Storytelling. To that end, we also suggest other areas and modes for presentation, including papers, posters, and demos.

Ways to Participate

There are various ways to participate in ICIDS 2022. Please click the buttons below to learn about each opportunity. 

The Association for Research in Digital Interactive Narrative (ARDIN) is committed to supporting diversity and inclusivity within the annual International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) and more broadly in the field of interactive digital narrative studies and beyond. Please see our Inclusivity Statement for more information. 

Run a workshop!

Have a particular topic that you’re interested in? Workshops offer a place to share ideas in a smaller, relaxed atmosphere. ICIDS is currently accepting proposals for workshops.

Present your PhD research!

The Doctoral Consortium (DC) is an opportunity for PhD students to present their research in areas related to topics of the ICIDS conference. The Consortium will provide expert feedback on students’ current research and guidance on future research directions.

Showcase your art!

The ICIDS art exhibit is a space to showcase your artistic work to the ICIDS community and general public. This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Julio Cortázar’s novel, Rayuela.

Submit a paper!

Whether you have a project that you have been working on for a while, a work-in-progress, or an interactive demo, consider submitting a paper to our Call for Papers.

Important Dates:

June 1st: Easy Chair open for submissions

July 30th: Submission deadline (full, short, poster/demo) (Extended Deadline)

July 31st: Art Exhibition submissions due

September 7th: Workshop proposals due (Extended Deadline)

September 18nd: Reviews released to authors, the start of rebuttal phase

September 30th: Doctoral Consortium applications due

October 7th: Final decisions sent to authors

October14th: Camera-ready papers due